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Data JCE Teams Up with Samsung to bring SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform to the Israeli Market


DATA-JCE, an Israeli based Franchised and distributor for Electronic components, Memory solution and IOT products, today announced that it will be distributing the newly released SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT modules for the Israeli market.  The highly integrated SAMSUNG ARTIK™ module portfolio accelerates product development, reduces time-to-market and improves total cost of ownership for internet of things (IoT) products.


“We are excited to expand our partnership with Samsung in the IoT space” said Sharon Arlo DATA-JCE CEO.  “The SAMSUNG ARTIK platform provides our customers with an end-to-end solution for the growing IoT market, reducing development and integration time, and enabling our customers to bring their product faster to market.”


“DATA-JCE has a long history of successful collaboration with Samsung and we are excited to work with the team to reduce development challenges and time-to-market for IoT solutions,” said John Kalkman, vice president of worldwide SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform sales, Samsung Electronics.



The SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform unifies hardware, software, cloud, security and partner ecosystems in a single offering so that enterprises can reduce the time, cost and risk typically associated with the delivery of complex IoT solutions. Unlike other IoT platforms, the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform makes it easy to build IoT products and services by addressing the complexity of IoT with easy-to-use, open and enterprise-grade APIs, SDKs and tools.


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