What is Webbing

You say you want a webolution…

Well, here it is. Webbing is the first comprehensive communications service that empowers frequent global travelers with affordable mobile Internet access services – wherever they may roam and with any Wi-Fi enabled device they choose.

  1. No more scrambling around a strange city in search of that elusive Wi-Fi connection
  2. No more relying upon hotels to double as your ISP host
  3. No more mystery about exceeding limits on cellular roaming service packages
  4. No more bill shock

Freedom has arrived: The World Wide Web is finally accessible to the World Wide Wanderer in totally affordable terms anywhere across the globe. Webbing is the new paradigm for always-on Internet connectivity, enabling seamless voice and data services across multiple devices, from laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

One simple pocket-sized Webbing hotspot router is all you need. Enjoy seamless connectivity and access to the people and content that are important to you.

Worldwide Webbing