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Comprehensive Solution

Data JCE is proud to be part of the Nisko Group, the largest electronic distribution in Israel.

One Stop Shop
At Data JCE you’ll find one sales person will cover all your needs. Our highly qualified staff is able to identify the right products to fit your needs. We realize you may be looking for an out-of-box solution, and we can help you find it.

Data JCE offers all sorts of customized products to fit your needs and we aren’t afraid to think out of the box to find the perfect fit for you.

Samsung Partnership
Data JCE was founded in 1995 based on franchise agreement from Samsung Semiconductors for the Israeli market and is now a highly respected authorized distributor of memory solutions.

Effective Memory Solutions
Dynamic support-based electronics components distribution company for the Israeli electronics industry.

Corporate & Personal
Data JCE’s highly trained FAE’s and sales teams associates and back office team are dedicated to thinking outside the box to provide exemplary customer service.

Vast Portfolio
We cover the following segments:

  • IOT Solutions
  • Electronic & Memory IC’s , SSD , Modules
  • Electro Mechanical Solutions
  • Optical Solutions
  • Timing & Frequency Products
  • Military Grade Solutions.
  • Broker Devision
Data JCE has emerged as one of the leading Israeli distributors for top line vendors and has quickly become a leading market innovator. Delivering top tier quality products is of Data JCE’s top priorities. The dedicated and professional staff was formulated to understand the client’s specific needs and build customized solutions. The company is able to sustain its average annual growth through its commitment to production-based time to market products.


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