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Indie Semiconductor is a German manufacturer of Radar Front-Ends and ASICs

Indie Semiconductor develops, manufactures and distributes 24GHz, 60GHz*, 120GHz and 300GHz* (*under development and samples are
available upon request) high frequency circuits for radar sensors of the highest technological standard, manufactured in the unique
innovative SiGe BiCMOS and RF-CMOS technologies. The 300GHz frequency range is currently one of the highest operating frequencies in
the world market reached in SiGe BiCMOS and offers a clear market advantage for Indie customers.
Our high frequency circuits are used, among other things, in radar sensors for contactless measurement of position, distance and speed.
Indie’s chips are world leaders in miniaturization, low power consumption and precision. They are suitable for an extensive range of
state-of-the-art applications in Industry 4.0, robotics, drones, agriculture, driverless transportation systems, environmental sensing, vital
sign detection and not limited to other industrial or consumer applications.

NTC sensor
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